It’s been a while since I watched the previous seasons, but S4 really is the standout. Each episode is packed with content, almost none of the filler you usually find in Netflix shows(and in previous seasons). The cinematography is excellent, if a bit dark at times.

The story starts off slow by re-introducing us to each character, defining the threads of the story. Then by episode 3 starts rolling and doesn’t let up. The standout episode is “Chapter 4: Dear Billy”. It will be hard to top this one in the finale I think. Sadie Sink as Max does an amazing job and the choice of using Kate Bush’s “Running up that hill”...perfect.

My biggest issue with the season is the turn towards more horror, than before. They play on a few 80’s horror movies, and while doing that well, not really my thing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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I read logs for a living, not really but sorta. On macOS I've tried to use the Console tool for viewing logs and it always felt like putting my head head into a firehouse. I know that it's possible to filter in the Console but it never clicked for me. Yesterday I was complaining about this to an Apple Eng. and they said, just use the CLI tool log. This is exactly what I was looking for. It works similar to journalctl or just old school tail -f | grep.

For example, if you are using an app called barriers you can view it's log output as: log show --process barriers

You can do more complex filtering such as: log show --predicate '(process=="barriers") && (messageType == error)'

It also works on pid and more. Wish I had found this years ago.



This is a weird show. Slow burn and dystopian. Stylistically, very Kubrick with some Clockwork Orange vibes. It is following the usual mold of shows like it, a “mystery box”, where the “big hidden thing” is kept from us. Once that is revealed, the show will likely loose some interest, but they have layered a few plot threads that add some depth. This is the type of show I think should do a season or two at most then end things. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Long time happy user of 1Password. My concerns started when they took some initial large VC funding. Being what I thought was a profitable slow growing company, taking that funding seemed odd. I know what must come after VC, growth at all costs.

Next 1Password dropped it’s native macOS applications in favor of Electron based versions. Apparently it was too costly to make macOS focused apps now. The first peak at the coming growth/profit push.

Next they announce even more VC funding and then the final nail for me, deals with “crypto” companies. So I am looking for a new password manager.

Bitwarden is probably the closest alternative that is cross platform and supports shared vaults, but it’s UX is clunky and lacking compared to 1Password. Guess I get to spend time evaluating available alternatives.

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I remember when Mozilla launched. Immediately downloaded the source and after much trouble, got it to build. This was the introduction to free software to a lot of people and Netscape releasing the source was a big deal at the time, there is a good documentary about it even.

For a long time Mozilla seemed like the champion of the open web and keeping the browser as a “user-agent” rather than a “corporate-agent”. But after relying on money from Google and mismanagement for so long, it really looks like they are done. The latest bit of news that they worked with Facebook to build “privacy preserving ad measures”, is the final nail for me and I'll be moving on.

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I’ve signed back up for Write.as. The five year deal was too good not to. Not really sure what I will use it for, but have spun up https://meow.camp/ as a fun diversion for now.

Was a subscriber a few years ago, but ended up on micro.blog for most of the meager amount I publish. However, Matt writes and does good things, so I continued to follow what was happening with the project. It’s good to be a supporter again.

Excited to see how things develop, especially now that remark.as launched.



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